Review of Hydroxycut Hardcore X

Hydroxycut Hardcore X

Hydroxycut Hardcore was a fat burning/muscle building complex manufactured by Muscle Tech, another arm of Hydroxycut, before the 2009 recall. Due to reports of liver problems, Hydroxycut voluntarily pulled all its products off the shelves and began retooling their formulas. The next generation for Hardcore was Hydroxycut Hardcore X. Designed to be a more effective, yet safer alternative than its predecessors, Hydroxycut Hardcore X is full of thermogenic compounds and amino acids meant to break down fat while revealing muscular definition underneath. So is Hydroxycut Hardcore X a worthy successor to the original Hydroxycut Hardcore? Let’s look at the ingredients to find out.


Hydroxycut Hardcore X contains four main ingredient complexes to provide a wide array of benefits. Below, each one is considered individually.


This complex is a great endurance booster. Caffeine Anhydrous has been proven to boost energy to help subjects train harder and longer, while using more calories. The thermogenic effect of Caffeine Anhydrous also fires up metabolism for accelerated fat burning. the other ingredients like Aminoacetic Acid and L-Methionine are the building blocks of creatine. Creatine provides increased amounts of ATP, the fuel your muscles need to work at maximum output.


This second matrix of ingredients has several different functions. Its Medium Chain Triglycerides can actually help the body burn excess calories and aid in weight loss. It uses L-Proline to reinforce muscle and connective tissues to promote stronger and healthier muscles. Finally, oleic acid is included to further boost ATP.


This third ingredient blend also offers multiple benefits. By supplying the body with more L-Tyrsoine, Hydroxycut Hardcore X can help brain produce more neurotransmitters. With enough of these chemical messengers, you’ll experience sustained mental energy and delayed neural fatigue. It also contains L-leucine and L-carnosine. Leucine is a needed branch chain amino acid the body uses to spark protein synthesis to build more muscles. L-carnosine is an amino acid used to thicken muscle fibers for better stamina and heightened strength.


Like many other spices, Cayenne can be used to rev up the metabolism for increased energy and accelerated fat burning.


As it should have, Hydroxycut Hardcore X went on to be one of the most successful fat burners on the market. Its ability to not only eliminate fat but to build muscle as well has made it the inspiration for hundreds of copycat products over the years. Using Hydroxycut Hardcore X you’ll get real results! But while it was effective, Hydroxycut keeps moving forward. Recently Hydroxycut Hardcore X has been discontinued. In an effort to continually offer the most up-to-date and effective products, Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series has been manufactured to take its place. However, many vendors still have Hydroxycut Hardcore X in inventory. Since its discontinuation, the supplement has been selling at greatly discounted prices.

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